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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 7

“You’ll have to repeat that” I choke.

He can’t be serious. Who in their right mind proposes such a thing? It's completely absurd. He has surely lost his goddamn mind.

He doesn’t respond to me. Just raises his perfectly shaped eyebrow. As if he were challenging me to continue pretending that I hadn’t heard him.

“Shit!” I mumble. Staring down at my heels in thought.

A million thoughts race through my mind. Making it hard to keep up with each one.

The last and only time I had been in a sort of mating, it had been a love match. At least that’s what I had thought and it hadn’t ended well for me.

What he was proposing on the other hand was a business deal. It was bound to go horribly wrong.

Could I honestly enter into such a mating, after I had been burned? Then being shoved aside once my usefulness had ended.

The familiar pain that has a grip on my heart emerges. I stamp it down. Refusing to give it reign. It only serves as a reminder of how broken I am.

“For a woman you sure curse like a sailor” he says flatly.

I look up and glare at him. Not understanding how cursing has anything to do with what we were discussing. Or what it had to do with me being woman.

I retort angrily. Giving him a glimpse of just how colorful my vocabulary is.

“If you hate my cursing that much, then what the hell am I doing here then? If you’re going to waste my time then you can take back your stupid offer and shove it up your freaking ass, you arrogant jerk”

If I was being honest. I was on edge. Being here with the ex-mate of my nemesis and with him prepositioning me. While fighting the desire to strangle him, was messing with my head.

“Retract your fucking claws kitty” he commands in warning, not liking the disrespect. He was an alpha after all.

I growl getting even more pissed. “I am not a damn kitten and stop telling what to do”

The bastard just smirks as if he finds me cute. He had no idea just how dangerous I currently was.

I sigh deeply after a while. “Let’s just get back to the matter at hand. Why me and what’s in it for you?”

This is what I couldn’t understand. I haven’t had much time to process everything he’s told me but I didn’t understand this one thing. Why me out of all women?

We didn’t know each other. We were basically strangers. So why would he come to me with this preposition? Yes it seems like he hates Miranda as well. But that is the extent of our mutuality.

“It’s simple really. You’ve just had your heart ripped to pieces so there’s no possibility of falling in love with me. This suits me because in order for this to work, love can’t be involved. I want revenge and I’m sure you do too. I’m giving you a chance to get your sanity back and revenge. Besides, I need a mother figure for Jax. Someone who isn’t a fucking bitch or total slut and Jax likes you which is rare.”

I think about what he’s just told me. I can’t help but feel like his answer is somewhat vague. Like he wasn’t telling me everything. His reasons seem justifiable but there was something else. Something he wasn't telling me or I was missing.

I stare deeply into his green orbs. Trying to see if I can catch a glimpse of what he was hiding. But he’s shut off. Emotionless. His eyes and expression giving away nothing.

Could I really enter such a deal without knowing everything? Without getting all the facts right? The rug could be pulled right from under me. Like with Darren.

If that somehow happens, Sebastian wouldn’t even be to blame because I entered into this blindly.

This definitely spells bad news written all over it, but could I pass the opportunity though?

He was giving me everything I wanted and desired. To get my revenge on Darren and Miranda, which was one of the reasons I came back.

With a powerful alpha such as Sebastian I could easily get that. No one would even be the wiser that I was involved in their downfall.

“How will this proposal prevent me from going feral?” I asked him after a while.


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