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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 8

“Splendid, we’ll begin acting as a couple from tomorrow” Sebastian says standing up.

A quick glance outside reveals it’s evening. The sun was already setting down. I can’t believe that we’ve been here for that long. I bring my eyes back to him when he moves to stand next to me. Offering me his hand.

“Wait! That’s it?” I ask in doubt.

He looks at me in confusion at first and then something clicks in his eyes. I honestly thought there would be more to discuss. Business contracts usually took some time. This was a mating contract, which is even more important. I expected it to take a bit longer.

“Did you expect something else?” he fires back. His eyebrow arched.

“Well, yeah…kind off”

I hated how unsure I felt when addressing him. Was I thinking too much or something? Was there really nothing else to talk about?

If I was being honest with myself. I would admit that I wanted us to talk longer. I didn’t want to go back to my cold rented cottage. Claire was busy with Mason and I didn’t have Krystal with me. I was alone and I hated that. It’s when I’m alone that the pain becomes too much to handle.

That’s when the voices inside my head, telling me to let go, become louder. It’s when I’m completely alone that I feel my sanity slipping. Sometimes I have to chain myself to my bedroom. Just so I don't go on a rampage on the few occasions I lost the battle.

Sebastian stares at me. His eyes searching my naked soul. I quickly avert my eyes. Afraid that he would see what I was hiding. That he would see how scared I was of being alone.

“What are you afraid of Red?” he asks in a frown.

I could tell him. I should tell him. Let him know just how bad it has gotten for me. How the hurt that’s inside is changing me. How I’ve tried everything to get rid of it without any luck. How it was destroying me from the within. Slowly turning me into a monster.

I don’t tell him all that though. My pride wouldn’t allow me to confess the truth. Besides, I was afraid that if I told him, he would retract his preposition. I couldn’t have that. Blue and I couldn’t afford that. We needed him. He was our salvation.

“Nothing” I whisper restlessly. Unable to sit still.

He leans back, then sits on the edge of his desk. His hands gripping the desk on each side. A while ago he had removed his coat and tie. Opened the first two buttons of his shirt and folded his sleeves. I can see his muscles rippling under his skin. I can’t help but wonder how it would feel being wrapped in his arms.

“For this to work we have to be honest with each other Red”

His voice pulls me from my thoughts. Feeling a bit angry and embarrassed I had been checking him out. I glare at him.

“I know. I was just wondering if there would be a contract we both have to sign”

We both know that I was lying. That wasn’t what I was thinking, not by a long shot. He doesn’t call me out on my lie though and I’m fucking thankful for that.

“I’ll have my lawyers draw one up then we can both sign and be done with it.” he says after an uncomfortable silence.

“Okay then”

I don’t move though. Unable to get my legs moving. I hated it when he brought me here by force but now I didn’t want to leave. How ironic.

“Where is Jax?” I ask, stalling.

The house was eerily quiet. Too quiet for a house hosting a nine year old boy. I had expected that Jax would be home by now. It was past school hours.

Sebastian sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“He’s at my pack house” he says in irritation before continuing.

“Are you now done with your fucking interrogation? I have places I need to be”

And there is the arrogant jerk I was becoming accustomed to. I stand up. Clenching my fists.

This man frustrated me. My fear was gone and in its place was the need to punch him. Right in the middle of his perfectly handsome face. Talk about being moody.


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