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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 130

Today I had another session with Alice. Unlike those other times, this time I was eager so I arrived before my scheduled appointment time.

These past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt like I’ve been through a grinder. Like my heart and soul have been shredded.

I needed to talk to someone. To let go of all that I have been holding inside otherwise I was going to blow up on someone.

“Mayra? Alice is waiting for you” the receptionist says.

I see amusement flash in her eyes when I stand up in a rush. I usually drag my feet and head to Alice’s office with reluctance. Today that won’t be the case. I was dying to have her help me sort my turmoil of emotions.

Once I’m inside, I greet her.

“Hey Alice”

“Someone is excited for her appointment” She replies with a small smile.

She then motions for me to take a seat and I do. My legs bounce in nervous energy and I’m unable to calm down.

“So, what has you so eager for our session?” she asks puzzled.

I take a deep breath before releasing it. “I have a daughter” I tell her and wait for her reaction.

I expected a flicker of surprise but I didn't get anything from her. I guess being a therapist you don’t get too many surprises. You’re always expecting the unexpected.

“I see” she says, jotting something down. “I assume the daughter you mentioned was conceived when you were in captivity?”

I’m surprised that she figured out the truth so quickly unlike Darren, Sebastian and Ren.


“Would you mind talking about her and how she came to be?”

I shake my head. So far almost everyone knows so there is no need to hide anything.

I proceed to tell her everything from the beginning to how Grace brought Iris to me a few days ago. By the time I’m done, I’m out of breath. I feel raw and exposed.

“You’ve spent a few days with her, how is she, her character and personality?” she asks.

She didn’t interrupt me when I was talking but once in a while she would write something down in her notebook.

“Quite and kind of withdrawn. She mostly talks to me, Colton and Lauren. She’s respectful and also a bit timid and she’s quite intelligent for her age. She is more of the observant type”

I know there is still so much to discover about Iris. So far she’s kept parts of herself hidden. When you’ve been through what she’s been through, you learn to hide how you’re truly feeling. We were in the same boat. Always hiding our emotions and pushing them down.

“And what do you personally think of her?”


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