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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 28

“Why isn’t she waking up?” I hear Krys’ voice followed by a poke to my cheek. How annoying.

“Just give her time…she’s tired and hurt” Jax replied.

Sometimes I was struck in wonder at how mature Jax can be. How grown up he sometimes acts. I don’t know whether it’s from having Sebastian as a dad since they behave like twins. Or it’s because having a mother like Miranda forces you to mature up real quick.

“But it’s been days. I want her to wake up now” Krystal grumbles. The frustration in her voice clear.

I decide to wake up even though all I wanted was to go back to sleep. Knowing my daughter, she was about to throw a tantrum and it wouldn’t be pretty.

I slowly open my eyes and hiss at the sun that accosts me. Damn it, didn’t anyone think of closing the curtains and where the hell was Sebastian?

“Would someone please close those damn curtains” I command through gritted teeth.

The back of my head hurt and the stupid sunlight wasn’t doing much to help. In fact it was making my head throb more. I feel at the back of my head. The wound is healed but the area is still sore

“You used a bad word mama” Krystal points out.

Krystal is sitting on the bed next to me. Jax, who had been the one to obey my command, finishes closing the curtains and joins us.

I reply to her at first. Just sit up and lean against the bed. Trying to chase away the pain and dizziness.

“How are you feeling Miss Lauren Should we get nana to bring you something to eat?”

See what I told you? So mature for his age and thoughtful too. Let’s not forget about his manners. One thing’s for sure, Miranda didn’t take any part in raising this boy. Otherwise he wouldn’t have turned out the way he was.

“My head still hurts a bit, but it will be fine. Yes I would like something to eat” I tell him slowly. The words coming out a bit slurred.

“You sound funny” Krystal states but I just give her a small smile

“We’ll go get nana to make you something to eat Miss Lauren” Jax grabs Krystal hand and starts rushing out of the door.

“Jax?” I call and he turns. “Drop the miss okay? Lauren or Ren is fine”

I see him smile right before they leave and he closes the door. I know that Miranda isn’t the best example for a mother. So I’ll try to be that for him. For whatever the duration of my contract with his dad will be.

I was just falling asleep when the door opened and Monica comes in holding a tray full of different dishes.

“Oh thank the goddess madam. We were starting to worry when you didn’t wake up after the fourth day”

It seemed like this time it took longer for me to wake up. No wonder I felt sluggish and uncoordinated.

“Monica” I complain. “How many times will I tell you not to call me madam? Lauren or Ren is okay with me”

For some reason I have always hated being called that. Even at the office, though I was the boss. The distinction somehow made it seem like you were above others or something like that. I didn’t like feeling like I was superior to others.

She just laughs amused. “You know, Alpha Sebastian insists on the same thing whenever I try to call him sir.”

That makes me smile and my mind wanders back to him. I remember that day when he burst through the door after I killed one of the guards. He looked like an avenging angel. Like he would tear down anyone who tried to hurt me.

‘He also called you his woman’ Blue adds, popping out of nowhere.

“Shut up!”

I didn’t want to think about that. Nor did I want to think about how warm my cheeks were getting. I am sure he didn’t mean it and only said it because there were others present. Come to think of it, I now recognize the other two men he was with. Micah I understand why he was there, but as for Brent I was totally clueless.

“I’ll just place the tray right here and you can have a bite after you freshen up” Monica interrupts my thoughts.

“Where are Jax and Krys?”

She turns to look at me. “I told them not to disturb you and let you eat and get some rest. They’re now playing outside”

I give her a small smile. “Thank you Monica”

She nods at me before leaving. Once she’s gone I get out of the bed and head to the bathroom to do my business. I take a shower just to feel like myself again. Once I am clean and dressed, I get back on the bed with the tray and settle in to eat the meal.

I was half way through eating when the door opens and Sebastian walks in. For a moment my brain glitches and my hand gets stuck with the spoon almost to my mouth.


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