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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 29

I get outside and shift. No matter how many times I shift. I’ll never get used to the pain that accompanies the breaking of my bones as they rearrange themselves.

I grit my teeth against the onslaught of pain and within minutes I’m on paws. My clothes lay on the floor torn. I don’t waste time and take off. Afraid that Sebastian will catch me and then there would be hell to pay.

His house was on a large piece of land surrounded by trees. By large I mean acres of land. Given he was an alpha, I get why he needed that much land.

Alphas tend to be more volatile than the rest of us. More aggressive. Running and hunting through dense forests helps them curb their inner beasts.

That’s why you’ll find that many alphas who have separate homes from the one they have in pack lands, have more land.

As for pack land. Most packs are settled together but to humans, it always seems like posh community house developments.

The leaders provide the funding for building the houses located on pack lands. This is usually done through the different business and investments that the pack has.

There are those who prefer living in the main pack house instead of individual houses.

There are also those who don’t live in the houses provided by the pack and mostly come to the pack lands when there’s a pack meeting or pack function.

For those types, the houses or apartments which they buy or rent are strictly on them because it’s outside the limit of pack territory. Most werewolves choose to stay within pack lands though.

Darren and I stayed in pack territory. We moved out of the pack house later on and took our own separate house when we found out I was pregnant.

He didn’t want Krystal surrounded by what goes on in the main pack house and I agreed wholeheartedly.

I still cringe when I remember finding an elderly couple going at it in the game room. They were like wild rabbits. I swear I almost puked right there and then.

So the pack has ranks. There’s the alpha who is the leader. He is usually an heir to the former alpha and luna. Usually alphas are the strongest in the pack but in the case the heir is weak, anyone who feels they’re stronger can issue a formal challenge for the alpha title.

Next are the betas. They are usually the alpha’s right hand man or woman. After them there is the gamma. Some packs have gammas while others do not. Darren’s pack didn’t have a gamma and I’m beginning to think Sebastian doesn’t have one either because he hasn’t mentioned anyone.

The luna is the alpha's mate and in ranking, she ranks higher than the beta. Then there is the female beta who ranks higher than the gamma. At the bottom are the omegas. Omegas usually have really weak wolves and some don’t even have wolves despite having the wolf gene.

One thing novels got right is about mates. We do have fated mates but we also have chosen mates. One can choose their own mate if they have been rejected by their fated, their fated dies or in rare case like mine, when you weren’t blessed with a fated mate.

The thought still stings a little because I can’t help thinking that maybe if I had been given a fated mate, then I wouldn’t have gotten my heart broken the way I did. Then again I can’t regret meeting Darren because that would mean regretting Krystal.

I shake those thoughts as I reach a stream. The clear, clean water beckons me to go for a swim. I change back to human form and get inside the water. The coolness of it relaxes me. A flowing river just has a way of cleansing you.

“What happened that day Blue? Before I passed out I felt like I was being torn into two?” I ask Blue.

Now that I was alone without distractions. My mind went to how I felt. Like my mind was attacking itself and fuck was the pain excruciating.

“I’m sorry about that Ren, but I had to fight for control” she answered. “We were losing it and I was afraid of what would have happened if we had made it outside and ran”

“The fact that we tore a man’s throat without even flinching scared the crap out of me” she continued in a shaky voice.

I wince, just remembering his blood splashing on my face. The thrill I got at tearing him to pieces and watching his body crumble was disheartening.

I hate how it makes my skin crawl when I remember it and for the millionth time I curse Darren for putting me through this. This was all his fault. He was too wrapped up in Miranda to see that the bitch was only using him. Using him to cushion her fall from grace.

“You have to ask Sebastian to mark you. With everything going on I doubt he even remembers that the mating ceremony was interrupted before he could mark us”

“I will Blue” I Float on the water trying to erase all my worries.

She sighs in annoyance. “That’s what you said the last time”

She was also right there. The problem is, I find it hard broaching the subject with Sebastian. Every time I intended to go talk to him about the subject. I find him bent over his desk. His focus on the murder mystery that was slowly escalating.

Probably due to frustration he would growl at me and I’d end up fleeing his office without speaking to him about it.

“We’re in a serious situation. In case you haven’t noticed we’re losing control more and more often. What do you think will happen when we lose control around Jax and Krystal?” she inquired shrilly.


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