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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 36

“What do you mean three bad men took her?” Sebastian asks him softly.

I look at Jax. He looks shaken and terrified. Scared out of his mind. No child should go through this.

“They hit Max. Two of them took Krystal, they covered her mouth . When I tried to call for help they put a handkerchief over my nose.” He murmured shakily.

So they drugged him. Such sick bastards. To do that to a child was heartless.

“Where did they take her Jax?” I ask, trying to keep my voice calm.

He looks at me. The tears falling down his face. I hated seeing that. I wipe them away but they keep falling.

“The forest. They carried her into the forest”

Without waiting to hear another word, I rush out. I hear Sebastian calling me but I don’t stop. My mind completely focused on my daughter.

I get outside and shift into Blue. The usual pain of shifting doesn’t even register. I was afraid, and rightfully so. Different scenarios were playing through my mind. The worst of them was finding her dead. Her body mangled like those of the serial killer’s victim.

I speed up and try to catch her scent but it was everywhere. Which was weird.

“You’ve got to find her Blue. We have to” I cry.

I couldn’t imagine losing Krystal. She was my beautiful baby. What would I do without her? How would I survive if I had to bury her?

“Don’t think like that” Blue grounds out. “We’re going to find her”

We kept running through the forest but it felt like we were running in circles. We were about to go back. To start again when we heard a terrifying sound.

We stop dead in my tracks. Krystal’s painful scream filled with terror freezing me where we stood. They were hurting her and it nearly killed me.

We turn in the direction of the scream and ran. Almost blindly.

“What if we’re too late?” I ask. Fear gripping my heart in a tight vice.

Blue growls but says nothing. I could feel her trying to push down the fear. Trampling on the panic that wanted to take over. She shakes her furry head and focuses.

In the distance I hear a terrifying roar. Sebastian. Blue doesn’t stop though. We needed to get to Krystal quickly.

We breakthrough a clearing. There was no one else around, except for a small figure lying on the ground. Krystal.

Blue gives me back control and I rush to her. I kneel down next to her and a sob catches in my throat when I see three claw marks running down her back.

The tears that had stopped, now begin to fall freely.

“Krystal, baby…wake up please” I cry, my heart heavy.

I push the hair away from her face. Her eyes are closed and she looks pale. The wound was bleeding, and it looked deep.

I needed to get her back to the house and call a doctor. I try to lift her into my arms but she whimpers, breaking my already broken heart.

“You’re hurting her” Blue snaps at me.

I growl back at her. “Don’t you think I know that?”

This wasn’t the time for us to argue. We had to think of a way to get her back to the house. I bring her slowly to my lap. After a minute of having no idea on what to do. Blue and I decide to risk it. She would be in pain but we had to get her to a doctor.

I was about to carry her when Sebastian broke through the forest. He runs towards us, a dress clutched in his hands. I would have been afraid if I weren’t already. He was in a partial shift.

A partial shift was a state of in between shift. Between man and wolf. Not fully beast and not fully human. It was rumored that only Sebastian could manage. Others have tried it but they ended up dead. The co-existing consciousness of man and beast at once is too much for them.

He reverts back to human. But his eyes remain glowing. His expression murderous. He throws me the dress and I catch it

“Could you please help me carry her? She’s hurt” I ask softly as I put on the dress, my voice catching at the end

He nods and takes her gently from my arms. Krystal curls into his warmth without whimpering in pain. I stand up and follow after him. He walks quickly but gently at the same time.

Soon enough we got to the house. We take Krystal to her bedroom where we find the pack doctor waiting for us. I guess Sebastian or maybe Hunter had called him.

“Lay her on the bed” he commands, which Sebastian does.

“We have to stop the bleeding.” He says, cutting her dress. Revealing three long jagged claw marks.


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